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Are you looking for a new way to train your employees? We offer customized e-learning solutions that help companies train their employees. It also improves their bottom lines. Our e-learning solutions are developed to help businesses become more effective and efficient. It does so by teaching its employees valuable skills and best practices. We aim to help companies use technology to save money. Besides, it can also improve customer service, and increase employee satisfaction. Our team has years of experience in the industry. We’re prepared to provide you with the best service possible. The e-learning solutions built by us are based on your goals, needs, and industry standards.

eLearning Software Development Company
eLearning Software

What Makes Us an Experienced eLearning Software Developer

We design e-learning solutions to help businesses train their employees on the job. With our solutions, deliver online courses, create custom training content, and more! Our e-learning solutions are built based on your goals, needs, and industry standards. They are designed to help you provide your employees with the training they need. 

We use a variety of methods. That includes simulations, videos, games, quizzes, and assessments. It makes learning interactive and engaging. Our solutions are created to help businesses keep their employees up-to-date. It also helps in preparing employees to perform at their best. 

We give you the tools to deliver the right information at the right time and in the right place. So that your employees can make good decisions quickly.

Types of eLearning Software Solutions We Develop

LMS Software

LMS Software Development

Many free Learning Management Systems (LMS) are available out there. But none of them are very good. In fact, when you use them, it’s like a one-sided relationship. You’re stuck with limited features and slow software updates. Also, high costs for things like hosting and support. We build the best e-learning and training solutions for businesses and educational organizations. Our Learning Management System (LMS) solutions are used to create online courses. You can also build certificate programs and other forms of digital training

Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile Learning Solutions

The world is evolving towards mobile learning. But very few learning solutions are available for training employees on the go. Besides, finding a skilled Android developer and an ideal learning solution provider together becomes challenging. We offer a custom-made platform with state-of-the-art learning solutions for your employees. Our mobile learning solution integrates with your existing HRMS. It allows you to track employee progress seamlessly. We can build an app specifically for your industry and tailor it to your business needs.

Student Information System

Student Information System (SIS) Development

We specialize in SIS development. That helps schools like yours manage their entire student body. You can rely on Webgen Technologies to create an SIS product. That will be perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions can be customized by educators to fit their specific needs. It comes with a user interface designed specifically for the K-12 market. We offer a simple-to-use, fully customizable SIS solution. It keeps you in control and on budget.

Web-based Training (WBT) Software Development

Training software is usually expensive. They are not flexible and don’t always integrate with existing software. We offer solutions that allow you to create training on the go. Use all the features you need, from interactive presentations to quizzes and surveys. With our solutions, you can train employees on everything. Do it all in-house, at a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants. We offer several features. That includes gamification, automated testing, analytics, and more. So you can have everything you need.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Knowledge Management Solutions

KMS is hard to find. Most businesses don’t have a system for storing or sharing their knowledge. We offer a single platform. That allows you to store, manage, and share all your company’s knowledge in one place. Our USP lies in our UI and UX and the ease of use. With our solutions, you can easily create and manage a centralized database of your company’s information. So everyone has access to it at any time they need it. 

Learning CMS Solutions

Learning CMS Solutions

Managing customer training needs you to use multiple platforms. Each has its own set of features and learning CMS. It allows you to create the exact training your company requires. Webgen Technologies offers an affordable, on-demand learning CMS. That allows you to focus on what’s important to you—your learners, their success, and ROI. We can build a single platform for you to create custom learning content for any area of your business. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or technical skills. 

Service Overview

So let our experienced eLearning developers work with you. We can create a customized learning experience. That engages learners and improves performance—from concept to completion. Our team has the knowledge and skills required to create engaging, interactive eLearning programs. That effectively educates your employees. Need online education courses, external training tools, or internal training software? We can help you. 

Our niche services include preparation apps, language learning apps, and more. We can also build educational scheduling software, administration portals, and room/class booking software. With our expertise, you can be sure that we will deliver a product that meets your requirements. Reach out today if you would like to consult us on how we can implement custom learning solutions that will meet your unique needs and goals!

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