The 5 cybersecurity tools and products making an impact deliver everything from ransomware readiness assessments and automated incident investigations to protection for remote workers and small businesses.

Taking On Tomorrow’s Threats  

Vendors have spent 2021 advancing security everywhere from endpoint and identity to the cloud and web, debuting tools that respond to threats across the criminal underground, protect remote workers‘ homes and small businesses from malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, and allow for the management of access, governance, and privileges from a single, centralized dashboard.

Enhancements to security operations and intelligence have been a major area of focus thus far in 2021, with advancements around everything from and managed account takeover monitoring and automating incident investigations with actionable insight to assessing an organization’s readiness for ransomware and using data to drill into granular details of past and present attacker activity.

The 5 hottest cybersecurity tools and products of 2021 (so far) came from companies based in California, with the remaining three coming from vendors based in Colorado, Minnesota and England, and Israel. Read on to learn how vendors have gone about making their cybersecurity portfolio even more solution-provider-friendly.

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness 

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness debuted in May and brings together fully managed security awareness training, phishing simulation, and account takeover monitoring that’s delivered as a concierge service. It’s intended to make it fast and easy for all security teams, including those who don’t have an IT or cybersecurity function, to add a security awareness and training program.

Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Arctic Wolf’s offering includes security awareness microlearning that prepares employees to stop social engineering attacks with continuous training to recognize current threats, avoid scams and understand the importance of reporting mistakes. Account takeover monitoring, meanwhile, reduces risk with immediate notification when employee credentials are found on the dark web.

The phishing simulation capabilities measure and reinforce employee awareness with automated assessments and phishing simulations based on real-life attacks. And turnkey content delivery engages employees by deploying timely content with high production value and a vision of building academic-level programming rigor.

Check Point Harmony

Check Point Software Technologies in February rolled out the Harmony unified offering to secure both internet connections as well as corporate and BYOD devices for remote workers. The platform brings together endpoint, browser, email, and remote access security into a single offering that’s managed via a cloud service and is available to customers for $11 per user, per month.

The all-new Harmony Browse tool provides secure, fast, and private web browsing by inspecting all SSL traffic directly on the endpoint without adding latency or re-routing traffic through a secure web service, according to San Carlos, Calif.-based Check Point. It blocks zero-day malware downloads and access to phishing websites as well as prevents the reuse of corporate passwords, according to the company.

CrowdStrike Falcon X Recon+

CrowdStrike Falcon X Recon+ debuted in July to simplify the process of hunting and mitigating external threats against brands, employees, and sensitive data. Falcon X Recon+ threat experts manage digital risk protection efforts by monitoring, triaging, and assessing the response to threats across the criminal underground, enabling customers to focus on their business, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company said.

Falcon X Recon+ experts monitor data from thousands of restricted forums, marketplaces, messaging platforms, social media posts, and data leak sites to provide relevant real-time warnings, identifying data exposure and threats to the enterprise. The offering delivers visibility into cybercriminal activity that goes beyond the internet to include botnet, DDoS configurations, and messaging applications.

Fortinet FortiTrust

Fortinet’s FortiTrust security services debuted in July and offer user-based licensing across all networks, endpoints, and clouds, with a focus on zero trust network access and identity verification. FortiTrust’s user-based licensing eliminates the need to track device counts or bandwidth consumption and makes it easy to calculate the total cost with built-in volume discounts, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company said.

FortiTrust’s initial services portfolio includes FortiTrust Access and FortiTrust Identity with additional service options for SASE, CASB, and endpoint protection platforms expected to be released. FortiTrust Access enables organizations to deploy zero-trust network access with user-based pricing, which is crucial to maintaining consistent protection, visibility, and control across highly distributed networks.

Okta Privileged Access and Identity Governance

Okta customers early next year will be able to leverage a single platform for identity governance, privileged access, and to collect audit logs for compliance, making setup and management easier, while enhancing the user experience. Customers can enable end-to-end identity governance processes across applications, infrastructure, and APIs at any level of scale using San Francisco-based Okta’s extensible APIs and no-code workflows.

Okta Identity Governance harnesses popular workplace tools to promote delegation and self-service, streamlining the evaluation and decision-making of who should have access to what resources and when. It automatically suspends access to resources based on user status changes in HR systems and directories and can produce quick audit evidence and reporting for sensitive resources.

Okta Privileged Access allows for the application of fine-grained user and role-based security policies from a central system to manage who can access what at the infrastructure level. It minimizes the attack surface area of privileged accounts and credentials by offering just-in-time, least privilege access controls, and streamlines compliance by tying session logging to specific users in a centralized view.

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